Daniel Corporation Announcement – Reynolds Plantation

Dear Members of the Club at Reynolds Plantation:

I am very happy to announce that MetLife has successfully closed on the purchase of Reynolds Plantation as of August 1, 2012.
Through the efforts of an amazing Reynolds Plantation staff, the energies and support of the Board of Governors, the RIPOC Board of Managers, numerous committee members, and the Receiver, the transition has been an overwhelming success.  In just three weeks, support of the new Club has already resulted in a net increase in total memberships from the previous Club.
Such strong support could not be a more resounding affirmation of the membership’s love of the Club at Reynolds Plantation and the enjoyment of its unique lifestyle, amenities, and committed staff.  On behalf of MetLife and Daniel Corporation, I wish to extend our sincere thanks for your confidence and support.
Importantly, this is not the end of the transition but merely the beginning.  We are excited to begin working together to ensure Reynolds Plantation achieves the fullest potential of its unparalleled collection of golf courses, amenities, and facilities.
Here’s to many great times ahead for the Club at Reynolds Plantation.
John Gunderson
Senior Vice President, Residential Development
Daniel Corporation

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