Lake Home More Than an Investment

Monday, June 09, 2008
Lake Home More Than an Investment


Who: Robert and Deborah Skarda, and their college-age boys, Nicholas and Michael

Where: Lake Oconee

Christopher Oquendo/Special
Their Lake Ocenee home features a wraparound porch.
Christopher Oquendo/Special
Robert and Deborah Skarda paddle on Lake Oconee near their home. Along for the ride is one of their dogs, who love visiting the lake as much as they do.
Christopher Oquendo/Special
The Skardas relax in the living room of their Lake Ocenee home.

When purchased: They bought the property in the town of Buckhead in 1997. After building his sister-in-law’s house next door, Robert Skarda started construction on his home in September 2004. They finished the home this fall.

Their home: A 1,500-square-foot lake home with three bedrooms, two baths and a wraparound deck.

The location: It’s on a slight hill about 25-30 feet above the lake, in the back of a cove. The home is located on about 100 feet of waterfront.
How often they are there: Almost every weekend, to finish construction on the home and enjoy the lake. “We give our teenage boys about two minutes to say, ‘Yes, they’re going to the lake,’ and we jump in the car and race out of the driveway. The dogs are usually ahead of us,” Robert said.
How far from home: An hour and 20 minutes from their home just inside the Perimeter. “I can go out Friday night after rush hour traffic and then leave on Sunday anytime,” he said.
The financial benefit so far: Skarda describes it as an investment property his family can use. Since he bought the property for about $40,000, lot prices have increased more than 300 percent in the last decade, he said.
Lessons they’ve learned about building a vacation home: When Skarda once called a plumber he had contracted to work on the house, he was told the guy was in his deer stand. “There’s so much work that the<!– Inject Script Filtered –>

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