Lake Oconee Lakefront Properties 2015 Third Quarter Comparative Graphs

2008 – 2015 Third Quarter Graphs for Lake Oconee Lakefront Properties

September has come and gone, along with another quarter, and it is time to compare our current real estate market to how it was in previous years.  The graphs below depict data of Lake Oconee lakefront properties that sold, both in and out of the golf communities for the past 8 years.  They only cover the third quarter, or January through the end of September.  The six graphs compare Average Purchase Price, Dollar Volume and Number of Units Sold.  You will notice that the dollar volume and number of units sold for homes inside and out of the golf communites has risen, while the average purchase price has dropped ever so slightly.  The dollar volume, average purchase price and number of units sold for lakefront lots inside of the golf communities have risen, while they slightly dropped outside of the golf communities.  As a whole, you will see that the Lake Oconee lakefront real estate market has steadily improved over the past few years!!

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